All items offered here in the marketplace are products of the Pili Plant. Know more about Pili (Canarium ovatum Engl.)

1.0 Introduction

1.1 This document constitutes rules governing the use, operation, maintenance, and administration of the Pili IS & Pili Marketplace including its data and processes.
1.2 The rules herein are harmonized with relevant laws and regulations particularly on Data Privacy, recommended practices in ICT, and the Partido State University’s Computing Policy.

2.0 Purpose

2.1 The Pili IS and Pili Marketplace proponents and the DOST-BCAARRD support the economic and livelihood activities of Pili producers, processors and traders and the Pili researchers for their academic, research and development initiatives. The use of this Information System and Pili Marketplace is a privilege that is extended to them, to other stakeholders and the community. As users of this facility, they have access to resources in the form of data and knowledge that may or may not be personal in nature. Consequently, it is important that their access and usage be in a responsible, ethical, and legal manner.
2.2 Generally, this material aims to establish guidelines and rules governing the use, operation, maintenance, and administration of the Pili IS & Pili Marketplace. Specifically, at the end of this chapter, the participants are expected to:
2.2.1 Specify strong passwords and secure their accounts;
2.2.2 Familiarize basic tenets in data privacy and confidentiality;
2.2.3 Appreciate the importance of securing their Pili IS & Pili Marketplace accounts;
2.2.4 Familiarize different access levels and the corresponding privileges;
2.2.5 Understand user access rights and responsibilities;
2.2.6 Familiarize limitations on uploading contents; and
2.2.7 Understand consequences of violations in the rules.

3.0 Scope

3.1 The policy stated herein applies to all users of Pili IS and Pili Marketplace, whether account holders or otherwise. Individuals or groups covered by this policy include (but are not limited to) Pili producers, processors, traders, researchers, as well as the individuals and external organizations accessing the Pili Information System and Pili Marketplace.

4.0 Policy

4.1 Protection of Pili IS and Marketplace System and Data
4.1.1 The data and information relative to Pili producers, processors, traders and researches must be protected in a manner commensurate with its sensitivity and criticality, regardless of where it was accessed, who accessed it or what purpose(s) it serves. The Pili IS and Pili Marketplace users or persons with access to the data contained in it shall not: Make unauthorized use or alteration of any information in files maintained and stored. Permit anyone else to make unauthorized use or alteration of any information in files maintained and stored. Exhibit or divulge the contents of any record or report to any person except in accordance with these rules. Knowingly include or cause to be included in any record or report a false, inaccurate, or misleading entry. Divulge username, passwords, or other private information of Pili producers, processors, traders, researchers and other Pili IS and Pili Marketplace users.
4.1.2. It shall be a violation of these rules for any person to post indecent, offensive, improper, impolite, and inappropriate content. Posts that belong to this category shall be deleted immediately by the administrators upon discovery or notice.
4.1.3 The Pili IS and MarketPlace shall only be used for peaceful, apolitical purposes. In no case may anyone use it for political, religious, or purposes other than what it is developed for.

4.2 Data Access Management
4.2.1 The Pili IS and Pili Marketplace administrators, proponents and the DOST-BCAARRD are committed to being inclusive and unrestrictive as possible without compromising the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of its information resources. Access to data will consequently be as broad as possible, consistent with the roles, responsibilities and privileges of every user. Access Authorization
The Pili IS and Pili Marketplace administrators are the ones that enforce security policies pertaining to the use of the system. It is a shared responsibility among those granted this level of access. These Pili IS administrators may grant, revoke, or change access authorization in accordance with the policies, and should be consulted where appropriate extent of access for supervisees is ambiguous. Access Privileges
The roles of every user were defined to protect the integrity of the system and to ensure the correctness of all the information contained in it. Pili IS and Pili Marketplace Administrator
An administrator has full privilege and control of the system. They can make changes to the system’s content; add or delete users; modify user access rights; and approve requests such as shop activation. Basically, administrators can do everything that all other users can. Content Moderator
Content moderators are the Pili IS and Pili Marketplace users who are responsible for evaluating and reviewing the contents posted by contributors to ensure the integrity and the reliability of every information and resources. They are allowed to review, revise, edit and when necessary, delete contents on the Bioecology and Pili R&D pages. These moderators are the experts in the Pili industry, specifically on genetic resources, Pili farms, propagation, diseases, growth and yield responses, bio-fertilizer application, post-harvest processing, and many other areas. The PhilPILI, a partner organization, is also given this kind of role both in the IS and in the Marketplace sections. Content Creator
Content creators are the ones who contribute knowledge into the repository by uploading contents such as files and images; linking websites and online materials; or other means. In this system, content creators may consist of Pili producers, processors, traders, farmers and faculty-researchers. However, Content Moderators and Administrators can also act as content creators, but not the other way around. Guest Users
Guest users or ordinary users are those who browse the portal without any
account in the IS or Marketplace. Their access privilege is limited to simple
browsing and read-only activities. Eligibility for Data Access
All Pili producers, processors, traders, farmers and researchers who signed up are granted default user login rights as Content Creators. They are granted access to the default level according to their role, responsibilities and privileges. Access to any other privileged folders, modules or functionalities of the facility is strictly prohibited. Changing Data Access Authorization
Assumption of new or different roles, responsibilities and privilege often requires a change in an individual’s access to the modules or functionalities. All requests for authorization changes in a user’s access to shared data must be approved by an authorized person or the administrator. In cases where a user wants to access, view modules or functionalities outside of their accounts, they shall then request additional data access permissions from the administrator by sending an email to Revoking Data Access Authorization
All acts violative of herein rules as in those provided in paragraphs - above, expiration of access privileges, and the user’s withdrawal from the use of the Pili IS and Pili Marketplace should be reported immediately to any Administrator. If found liable, a warning will be issued to first time violators; and revocation of Pili IS and Pili Marketplace access will be effected when the same violative act is knowingly repeated. In addition, the Administrators and the DOST-BCAARRD management reserves the right to revoke any access authorization anytime they deem necessary. Password Construction and Management
All Pili IS and Pili Marketplace user (except Guests) are required to create their own username and password. Passwords specified should follow standards of security and strength. A password must be at least 8 characters, preferably combining numbers and special characters (e.g !PXaeb80) in order to strengthen its protection against brute-force attacks. It is also strongly recommended that passwords be changed regularly.

Passwords should not be shared to other persons as it is a personal and confidential information. It is solely the account holder’s responsibility to secure and memorize his or her login passwords.

4.3 Confidentiality
4.3.1 The Pili IS and Pili Marketplace is owned and operated by DOST-BCAARRD and data are privately stored in institutional facilities. However, transmission over the internet should be viewed and treated as public. While the data and communications are considered confidential, and use of the PSU and DOST-BCAARRD’s network and computing resources are private in nature, those that are transmitted over the internet, being public, can no longer be guaranteed with 100% confidentiality. Hence, all users are enjoined to exercise appropriate care in handling information. Secure Handling of Username and Password
Username and passwords should not be visibly exposed, revealed, communicated, transmitted, displayed, or printed in whole or in part, except where required and secure. The Pili IS and MarketPlace will never ask anyone to communicate passwords in plaintext other than when required for login and registration purposes. As such, any person or system component requiring or soliciting username or password data should be reported immediately to the Administrators at

Unauthorized access to the Pili IS and MarketPlace may result into bogus sellers/scammers, bogus buyers, fake postings, false product information such as prices, or the more catastrophic total data loss. Data Privacy
The Pili IS and MarketPlace adheres to the Data Privacy Act, Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, Electronic Commerce Act of 2000, and other relevant statutes. Data that are personal in nature will not be divulged except in conformity with these laws. However, all users are also required to exercise due diligence in posting their personal information as in the Profile Section in order to protect their privacy. The Administrators and the DOST-BCAARRD will not be liable to any breach on the privacy or confidentiality, or to the effects of such breach, upon any person who voluntarily posted the subject data or information.

As a rule, the Pili IS and MarketPlace shall not process any sensitive personal information defined in the Data Privacy Act, and only for legitimate interests will personal information be processed. Data Search Utilities
In order to protect sensitive data, it is first necessary to identify where the data is stored inside the system. DOST-BCAARRD, system administrators and other users may make use of Pili IS and Pili Marketplace development team’s recommended data search utilities to locate sensitive data on any workstations and network drives. Where necessary, data may be relocated or afforded additional protection appropriate to its level of sensitivity.

4.4 Data Integrity
4.4.1 Data integrity refers to the maintenance and assurance of the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life cycle. The overall intent of any data integrity technique is to ensure that data is recorded exactly as intended and, upon later retrieval, is the same as when it was originally recorded. It is a critical aspect of the design, implementation, and usage of any that stores, processes, or retrieves data.
4.4.2 Pili IS and Pili Marketplace selects and implements security mechanisms such as data encryption to provide not only availability and confidentiality, but also integrity of data, whether it is at rest, in use, or being transmitted.
4.4.3 To ensure the accuracy and reliability of every content or resources shared/posted in the Pili IS and Pili Marketplace, at least a Content Moderator should verify and check these contents. The pool of content moderators shall be composed of the Pili researchers who are experts in the Pili industry. Researchers on Pili genetic resources shall verify contents regarding Pili Genetic Resources; researchers on geo-mapping and characterization of Pili farms shall verify contents on Pili farms; researchers on Pilinut propagation and distribution system shall verify contents on Pili propagations; researchers on the emerging diseases of Pili shall verify contents related to pili pests, diseases and treatments; researchers on Pili growth and yield responses to bio-fertilizer application shall verify contents on pili growth and yields; and finally, researchers on post-harvest processing shall verify contents relative to pili post-harvest processing. After a content review, content moderators are empowered to take down, modify, or revise any uploaded content when standards are not met.
4.4.4 In order for a Pili trader to post merchandise in the Pili marketplace, they shall first create a virtual shop and obtain a shop activation request. This request shall be validated and approved by the Pili Marketplace Administrator upon presenting the required documents necessary for the verification of the legitimacy of the trader.
4.4.5 Only Pili and Pili-derived products shall be allowed to be posted on the Marketplace. Raw materials may not be posted as items for sale. – from Sir Jun of JEmannuel

4.5 Data Backup and Recovery
4.5.1 In the event of hardware failure, data corruption, or data loss, it is important to have a backup of the data outside of the workstation or server on which it is normally stored. As part of its commitment to the protection and integrity of the data, DOST-BCAARRD should use a cost-effective and secure-hosted data backup solution. Daily data backup shall be scheduled and conducted by administrators.

5 Pili IS and Pili Marketplace User Rights and Responsibilities

5.1 As a user and possible source of data for Pili IS and Pili Marketplace, the DOST-BCAARRD provides you with the use of information and scholarly work contained in it. Users shall have a reasonable expectation of the security when using the system, of certain degree of privacy (which may vary depending on what type/category of user), and of protection from abuse and intrusion by others accessing and sharing these resources. Users can expect their right to access information and to express their opinion to be protected as it is for paper and other forms of non-electronic communication.
5.2 Pili IS and Pili Marketplace users are responsible for knowing the regulations and policies of the DOST-BCAARRD and Pili IS and Pili Marketplace administrators that apply to appropriate use of this Information System. Users are responsible for exercising good judgment in the use of the information and other resources in the system. Just because an action is technically possible does not mean that it is appropriate to perform that action.
5.3 It shall be the responsibility of content contributors and sellers to post only legitimate, legal and truthful contents and/or products, and for lawful purposes. The Pili IS and MarketPlace developers, administrators, moderators, including the DOST, BCAARRD, and PCAARRD shall not be held liable to any copyright infringement resulting from contributed contents.

Any violation of these rules or any other statute shall be reported immediately to any administrator for appropriate action. A functionality is included in the system that will allow users to report buyer-scammers and rate not only sellers but also the buyers depending on their conduct.

6 Enforcement

6.1 If an individual is found to be in violation of the policy, the DOST-BCAARRD and the Pili IS and Pili Marketplace management team, will take disciplinary action, including the restriction to access and use of the system and possible loss of any privileges for light violation.
6.2 Serious violation could result in more serious consequences, up to and including perpetual termination from the use of the system or any applicable penalties stipulated under the Republic Act No. 8792 or the Philippines E-Commerce Act and the Republic Act No. 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012, or other applicable laws.